The Restless Realist

I am currently a Phd student in History at the London School of Economics. Born in Boston, I attended school at Bates College and then the University of St. Andrews, receiving a BA in History/Politics and an MLitt in Iranian Studies. I have worked in the US Congress, with, taught economics in China, and done a placement at a commodity trading firm. My work has been featured by Chatham House, the New York Times, the Diplomat, and the Boston Glove. Further examples can be found on my linkedin profile.

Originally conceived as a repository for my political writings about Iran and Iraq during my degree,  the Restless Realist gained popularity due to my coverage of the Russia-Ukraine conflict of 2014 which was highlighted by Andrew Sullivan. Subsequently it expanded to cover a multitude of topics which I find interesting, or feel have not received enough attention. It is not necessarily my intention to compete with professional online journals such as Foriegn Policy,  but I do hope to provide a unique perspective on issues that may not be easy to find elsewhere. 

Daniel Berman